The Drente partridge, dog with long hair and gentle eyes


The Drente Partridge Spaniel displays a comforting air with its long hairs, gentle gaze and kind expression. This outstanding hunting dog specializing in stopping and retrieval also shines as a cheerful, loyal and constant pet.

dog with long hair and gentle eyes

Characteristics of the Drente Partridge Spaniel

Pure lines, harmonious proportions, lean muscles, these are the main morphological characteristics of the Drente Partridge Spaniel. The latter benefits from a physique cut for the race and evoking the power, two essential qualities for a hunting dog. It has an average size and measures between 55 and 60 cm if it is a female and between 58 and 63 cm if it is a male, for a weight of 20 to 25 kg depending on the sex. Rounded and imposing, the head has a convex skull with a slightly accentuated stop, a brown nose, a muzzle shorter than the skull and resembling a truncated wedge and fairly developed cheeks. The dog has well-spaced eyes that are not set deep in the sockets. Revealing an expression of kindness and intelligence, they sport an oval shape, are medium in size and display an amber color. The ears for their part have a high attachment and go forward during the awakening phases of the animal. The coat is mid-length and very abundant. The dress for its part is white with tan, orange or red markings.

History of the Drente Partridge Spaniel breed

From the province of Drenthe located in the Netherlands, the Drente Partridge is a descendant of Spanish dogs called spioenen or spaniolen that were introduced in the 16th century in Holland. In its native region, the animal has not undergone any genetic manipulation and has existed as a purebred. Thanks to this isolation, it has preserved all its characteristics for several centuries. It was not until 1948 that a breed club was set up in Holland. Often associated with the French Spaniel and the Small Münsterländer , the Drente Partridge Spaniel is a very confidential breed that is almost unknown outside of its country of origin.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Drente Partridge Spaniel

The Drente Partridge Spaniel is not only an essential aid to hunting activities. He is also a sensitive, gentle and intelligent companion dog. He is doing very well with children because of his love for games. On the other hand, as he is sporty and dynamic, he must exert himself to the maximum. The Drente Partridge Spaniel is the perfect companion for hikers, mountain bikers and other joggers. Note that due to its very strong hunting instinct, cohabitation with NACs may be complicated. Another thing: this dog must also evolve in large houses with gardens. The places should preferably be fenced to prevent escape attempts.

Diet and main health problems of the Drente Partridge

The Drente Partridge Spaniel should benefit from the best health monitoring during the hunting season, because injuries are very frequent. The animal may be prone to hip dysplasia which causes pain and lameness in the hips. Ear infections should also be watched.

Price of a Drente Spaniel dog or puppy

  • Price Drente partridge male: n / a
  • Price Drente Partridge female: n / a