The East Siberian Laika, dog with an athletic body


We are not referring to Laika, the famous dog sent into space by the Soviet space program, although both share the same surname. We are talking more about a breed of dog that also originates from Russia and is famous for hunting. The East Siberian Laika is an elegant dog with an athletic body who needs experienced owners who can handle their assertive character.

dog with an athletic body

Characteristics of the Eastern Siberian Laika

The East Siberian Laika is a medium-sized breed that measures between 53 and 61 cm if it is a female and between 55 and 63 cm if it is a male for a weight of around 20 to 30 kg in depending on gender and height. This breed boasts well-developed musculature, strong bones and a compact, sturdy build. Its withers are marked, its kidney is muscular and broad, its chest is well let down and its belly is raised a little. The body ends with a curled tail resembling the shape of a sickle. The Laika of Eastern Siberia claims to belong to the great family of Spitz by his physique. It sports a wedge-shaped skull, typical of this species. The stop is not very marked while the muzzle is as long as the skull. It is for this reason that the dog looks like a wolf. The nose is black and the jaws are strong. The East Siberian Laika has oval shaped eyes that are not excessively large and reveal a pretty dark color. The ears are triangular in shape and are erect. The dog has a long coat that can be red, black, gray, white, salt and pepper or brown.

History of the East Siberian Laika breed

The East Siberian Laika comes from the mountains as well as the eponymous taiga regions. He would be a descendant of a breed selected from the twentieth century in the region of the Amur River and Lake Baikal, located halfway between China and Russia. Since the borders of eastern Siberia are not concretely determined, the East Siberian Laika shares ancestry with Japanese and Chinese races. It is said that he would have as ancestor the Nordic spitz as well as the Laïkas of Yakutia. It was not until the 1980s that the breed developed significantly. It conquered the Siberian hunters by its resistance to harsh climatic conditions and to work.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the East Siberian Laika

The East Siberian Laika is a breed attached to its owners who is at the same time kind, friendly and trustworthy. Despite its somewhat independent character, the animal appreciates play sessions to stimulate its mind and its physique. It is a versatile doggie that brilliantly performs its tasks as a sled dog or hunting dog. The East Siberian Laika is also known for his skills in guarding due to a natural distrust of strangers. Being used to large spaces and the open air, it will not please him to live in an apartment.

Diet and main health problems of the East Siberian Laika

The East Siberian Laika shines for its robustness. It is one of the rare breeds not to be the victim of any specific pathology. On the other hand, he needs a balanced diet adapted to his lifestyle to prolong his longevity, extending on average to 12 years.

Price of a dog or puppy of the East Siberian Laika breed

  • Male Eastern Siberian Laika Prize: n / a
  • Female Eastern Siberian Laika Prize: n / a