The “lying down” order: how to teach it to my dog?


One of the first stages in dog training is learning the “lying down” order. This position is very useful in many circumstances of daily life. With the help of regular sessions , your pooch will be able to go to bed on demand after one to two weeks.

The lying down order how to teach it to my dog

Why teach him the order “lying down”?

Logical continuation of the “ sitting ”, the “lying” stage is one of the basic commands essential to dog training. He will strengthen both his obedience and the bonds you have with your four-legged friend. If this training requires a natural canine position , the animal is not always delighted at the prospect of performing: the action requires a little more effort than the "sitting" and places it in a posture. of submission in relation to his master, who himself rose to the rank of pack leader. However, in a short time, your pooch will display this new order on his model dog list!

In which situations is the order “lying down” used?

Teaching your dog the “lying down” command is particularly useful on a daily basis, whether at home or outside, because the vision of a dog lying down is more reassuring than a sitting or standing position. Certain situations require the animal to remain calm , for example when you receive guests at home, when you are in a restaurant, during a trip by car or in public transport , during walks in town , in front of a store during a quick run (local bakery), in front of a school building, not to mention… during the education exercises!

Some tips before you start learning

All education requires patience and leniency with your dog. Do not get upset if your pet does not carry out the commands requested, at the risk of stressing your hairball and making it unwilling to learn. The training must remain a moment of pleasure and complicity between the master and his animal. On the other hand, the sessions should not drag on because the dog is likely to lose focus and no longer be more receptive . The ideal is to organize a maximum of one or two daily sessions of about ten minutes.

The conditions necessary to learn the “lying” order

To obtain good results, the sessions must be carried out in a favorable environment .
  • Prefer a quiet place , away from all stimuli (odors, congeners);
  • Equip yourself with appetizing treats (pieces of cheese, knacky sausages);
  • Stay alone with your dog so that he is not distracted by another presence;
  • Choose the right time of day by avoiding the times of stroll dedicated to the needs;
  • Make sure that your pet has spent a good time first so that he listens to you;
  • Don't hesitate to overplay the congratulations .

Passive method to teach your dog the “lying down” command

Just like learning the “sit” order, two main techniques can be used. The first method, called “passive”, requires precise synchronization :
  • Observe your dog;
  • When he assumes the lying position on his own, say “lying down”;
  • Give him a treat and praise him;
  • Repeat the exercise several times and you will notice that your dog will quickly understand this order.

Traditional method for educating your dog to the “lying down” order

Note: before switching to the so-called classic method, the “sit” order must be understood.
  • Put a treat in your hand;
  • Ask your dog to sit down ;
  • Place your hand with a closed fist about 20cm from your dog's muzzle and lower it to the ground ;
  • In principle, your dog will follow suit and instinctively lie down to achieve the reward;
  • Warmly congratulate him by offering him his treat and stroking him ;
  • If your dog has not laid down, move your hand away , keeping it low to the ground, and reward him when he lies down.

Your dog has not gone to bed: what to do?

Your hairball did not understand the order requested? No problem, just add a step to the session.
  • Ask your dog to sit;
  • When he is seated, say “lying down” by taking his forelegs and gently pulling them forward so that he reaches the lying position;
  • Act gently so as not to disturb or hurt him;
  • Once he is lying down, offer him a treat and eagerly praise him;
  • Repeat the training daily in short sessions;
  • When your dog has understood the order well, ask him to lie down directly without ordering him to sit;
  • Remember to reward him with each success.

First of all, don't ask your companion to lie down too long . You can lengthen the duration as it progresses.

Test in situ its assimilation of the “lying” order

Gradually replace the treats with enthusiastic hugs and congratulations with each good result. After two or three weeks of exercise, when the order is fully acquired, you can repeat the operation by introducing distractions into its environment. Thus, repeat the sessions in a place where odors and congeners are likely to attract his attention. Meet in town, in a public park, in front of a shop, a school… If, in these entertaining places, he answers order and resists temptations , it is because the apprenticeship has borne fruit. Well done !