50 funny and original dog names

Finding the name of the puppy you welcome home can be an opportunity to brainstorm a lot, especially if you want to be original! And if in addition to being original, you want to come up with a funny name, then the puzzle is guaranteed.

For the lucky ones, the name is obvious. Real “crush”, it is that name and not another, it is obvious and you do not know how to explain why ...

50 funny and original dog names

Some ideas of funny and original names

In this article, you will find 50 funny and original dog names that will help you find the name of your new companion: either one of our proposals will “tilt”, or it will give you inspiration.

Names related to food are often funny when used to name a dog , especially if it echoes its body type. Acra can be funny if your dog has a round build or if it's a real furball. In the same vein, there are Tofu , Chips , Whiskey , Caramel , Choco , Pepsi , Hazelnut , Zest , Menthol , Vitamin .

Ikea fans will find a lot of inspiration in the names of furniture. Billy is a line of libraries released in 1979. Its immediate success continues to this day. For some, this name will sound better for a male dog, while for others the final consonance in [i] is more suitable for a female. The name can also be feminized by writing “Billie”. In this case, it will present itself more as a reference to the American singer-songwriter Billie Eilish.

Names with unusual sounds in our language have an original and often funny character: Fletcho , Flip , Souitch (the name of the famous game console spelled differently), Puzzle , Tchizi , Couiki , Kikou , Scoubi (as a diminutive of famous Great Dane Scooby-Doo), Neutch , Flapi , Bombix , Oxa .

Here are some other funny and original names that you will like or help you create your own name:

Maggot ,

Bidouille (the consonance in “ouille” is always quite funny), Blondy (some readers may know the Ivorian reggae singer named Alpha Blondy), Buddy / Beudy, Bono (another musical reference),

Candy (in reference to the cult cartoon of the late 70s and early 80s of course ...), Chipie , Croco (more suitable for short-haired dogs?)

Dounia , Dollie

Elico ,

Trickster , Folio , Twine,

Goldo (diminutive of Golodorak, the giant robot from another cult cartoon of the 70s), to be used for a massive dog or on the contrary, in contrast for a very small dog, Gipsie ,

Ivi ,

Maggie , Misti ,

Nanny or Nana, like the Saint-Bernard dog of the Darling family, in the cartoon Peter Pan ,

Pilou (especially for a dog with long hair?), Pipo ,

Rodi , Rimel ,

Sami , Spirou .

Did you know that you don't have to choose a name that begins with the letter of the year? This system applies to the Livre des Origines Françaises (LOF) , a register set up at the end of the 19th century which lists the origins of purebred French dogs. The use of the letter of the year is therefore only valid if you own a purebred dog and you wish to register it in the LOF in order to certify its genealogy and to certify the accuracy of its origins.