A big dog needs space, a small one doesn't: true or false?


 A big dog needs space, a small one doesn't: true or false?

A big dog needs space  a small one doesn't true or false

We often think that big dogs need space and small dogs can live in a smaller space. It's wrong ! A large dog can be happy in an apartment and some small dogs need a large living space. It all depends on their temperament and often on the breed of dog. Explanations.

The dog adapts to his place of life

Contrary to popular belief, you should not choose a dog proportional to the size of its housing. A Chihuahua can live in a big house with a garden and a Labrador can be happy in a small apartment. On the other hand, in both cases, the dog must be provided with everything it needs.

If you live in a house, know that your dog will take full advantage of the garden. He will be able to exert himself, play and discover his formidable environment. On the other hand, be aware that a garden does not replace a walk or an outing. If he stays permanently in the garden, then he can develop behavioral problems. Moreover, for his well-being and yours, your exterior cannot be the only place where your dog relieves himself! It should be noted that you must clean your garden very regularly.

Dogs that live in apartments can be very fulfilled! Indeed, whether big or small, they can walk around every day and sometimes in a different place. It is imperative to take care of these dogs throughout the year, even in winter when it is rainy or cold.

Meet the dog's needs

Whether you have a small dog or a big one, an apartment or a house, you must first meet your dog's needs. Of course, it is imperative that he gets enough sleep. To do this, he must have a space of his own, not far from the activity of the house but in peace. Your dog should also eat meals that are balanced and appropriate for his age and condition. It should be noted that the dog has so-called masticatory needs, so it is necessary to give him bones regularly. It's great for his teeth! A dog must be taken out to relieve itself and have a minimum of physical activity.

In addition to these basic needs, a dog needs to be stimulated in different ways. It is possible to use the voice to communicate with the animal. Stimulation can also be done through intellectual activity or social activity.

Which dog to choose in an apartment?

The Chihuahua

Of course, the smallest dog in the world is perfect for apartment life. It takes up little space and requires very little physical exercise. You still have to take him out every day and make sure he has a social life. It is essential for his well-being. The Chihuahua is endearing and very loyal.

The Jack Russell

The Jack Russel is a dog from the Terrier family. He is very appreciated for his small size and his jovial character. Full of energy, the Jack Russel also knows how to be cuddly. He loves children and going out. Physical activity is very important to him. Nevertheless, apartment life will suit him if he has a presence and daily walks.

The Bichon

All Bichons are wonderful companions and adapt perfectly to apartment living. Cuddly and active, they appreciate their masters and the children of the household. For your comfort, it is highly recommended that you brush your bichon every day so that it does not leave hair anywhere in your interior. If you devote time to it, your Bichon will be happy both in the house and in the apartment.


The Yorkshire is a very calm little dog but with a strong character. If you educate him correctly, he will be able to adapt to apartment life. This breed needs exercise and space of its own. Walk him every day and make sure to stimulate him with games.

The Cavalier King Charles

The Cavalier King Charles is popular with our English neighbors as with us. It adapts perfectly to life in the city and therefore in an apartment. Very happy with a family, this dog loves cuddles and walks. He is not fond of physical exercise. Another major asset, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel hardly barks!

Dog breeds that prefer houses

If you want a big dog, obviously a small apartment won't do. Among the breeds of large dogs not recommended in apartments, we find:

Some dogs, like those mentioned above, can only live in a large house because of their large size. For others, it is the behavior that requires having an outdoor space. The Cane Corso needs an exterior. This is also the case of the German Shepherd and in general of all guard dogs and attack dogs.

The case of apartments with balconies

There are apartments on the ground floor with beautiful outdoor plots just as there are houses without a garden, such as townhouses for example. You have to adapt ! It should also be remembered that even if it is possible to find apartments with a balcony, this does not replace a garden. Vigilance is required with these outdoor spaces. Because they are often high up, they are dangerous for dogs. It must be ensured that the canines cannot jump, fall or even get their heads stuck in the safety bars.

Can dogs be banned in apartments?

It should be noted that according to the law, a tenant is entitled to have pets. On the other hand, he is responsible for any damage caused. In the event of disturbances in the neighborhood, the tenant is also held responsible!

An owner cannot prohibit the presence of dogs in the apartment unless it is a dangerous 1st category dog. In this case, the clause must be present in the lease. In tourist accommodation, an owner can prohibit the presence of an animal.