T-shaped dog names for 2022: find the best


 T-shaped dog names for 2022: find the best

What is the first letter of dog names in 2022? The names of purebred dogs born in 2022 must begin with the letter T. Are you planning to welcome a puppy due to be born in 2022? Still running out of inspiration? Here are some suggestions among others, in order to baptize your future companion, whether purebred or not. As well as our advice. Because we do not choose the name of his dog anyhow.

T-shaped dog names for 2022  find the best

Your dog was born in 2022. Logically, you must follow the alphabet set up by the SCC (Société Centrale Canine). The name for dogs in 2022 begins with the letter T.

Mixed T Name Ideas for Dogs in 2022

You don't know yet if you will have a dog or a female dog in 2022? Here are some mixed name ideas for your pet:

Tactic              Tootsie             Tweet
Topaz             Twist                 Tattoo
Tetris              Trumpet            Typex
Tilt                  Tuba                 Tuning

 What T names for male dogs in 2022?

Ideas for dog names if you become the proud owner in 2022:

Tabby       Texas       Tommy
Taboo /     Taboo      Thalys    bull
Tacht       Theo       This
Thanks     Tictoc       Tokyo
Taco         Tiger       Toy
Tacos        Tiger        Trader
Day          tigger       Trapper
Talc          Tilt        Trendy
fanfare      Tim        treasure
Tango      Tino        Triumph
Tanfuy      Tintin        Trooper
Five        Titan       Tropic
Tank        Titeuf    Thing
Tao        Titi        Tsar
Taro        Titou       turbo
Tarzan        Titus         Twist
Taxi        Toby        Typhoon
taz        Everyone        Typo
Teddy        Tofu         Tire
Weather       Toffy       Tyson
chuff          Tom        Tzar

What T names for female dogs in 2022?

Examples of names you could give your pet in 2022:

Taïga    Tessy    titin
Tala    Teva    Tomato
Talia    Thai    Tootsie
Tana    thalma    Tosca
Cheap    Thelma    Tuscany
Taora    Timpani    Toxin
Tara    Ray    Tundra
Scanning    Tiana    Tracy
Toast    Tiger    Tulip
Tasha    Trigram    Trumpet
Tekila    Tigress    Tyna
Storm    Was    
Tess    Tina     

A T name for purebred dogs

This rule must be followed so that your dog is registered in the LOF (French origin book). It is possible that the breeder has already chosen a name for the puppy when it is born. In this case, you can give it a second name, its "username". Alternatively, you can let the breeder know what name you have chosen for your dog.

It is necessary, to validate its statute of pure race, that it is thereafter confirmed. He thus obtains his definitive pedigree.

The age of confirmation depends on the breed of your dog: from 12 months for small breed dogs, from 15 months for large breed dogs.

Remember: the confirmation examination allows the dog to have descendants registered in the LOF. This is all the more important for some, because not registered with the LOF, they can fall into the first category as defined by the law of January 1999 on so-called dangerous dogs. Although it is rightly disputed, it is still in force for the time being.

What if your dog has no pedigree?

If your dog does not have a pedigree and therefore is not purebred, you can either follow the letter of the year rule, therefore the T for the name of the dogs in 2022, or choose a name starting with any other letter.

Whether he is purebred or not, here are some ideas, according to your desires… Lists of names for male dogs, female dogs and some mixed names.

Why choose a two-syllable dog name?

To choose the name of your dog, set yourself a rule: favor names with two syllables. Your dog will be better able to understand it and you... to pronounce it.

Practice repeating the chosen name several times.

Also favor nouns ending in a vowel. Finally, avoid choosing a name resembling an order. Your dog may not understand and differentiate between his name and a command.

Nothing will prevent you, from time to time, from calling your dog with a little nickname. And this one too, your dog will understand very quickly!

Dog name: no negative connotation

Your dog's name will follow him all his life. For him and by "correction", avoid all names with a negative connotation or names that are unwelcome and in bad taste.

We will not give examples here, but it must go without saying for the masters, if only out of respect for their dog.

A name for your dog that matches it

Your dog is a bomb and shows great dynamism? On the contrary, is he a homebody or even ultra cuddly? Then choose the name of your dog according to his character, which sticks to him best!


 Admittedly, this is not easy when you do not yet know very well how the dog will grow up. But if you have the opportunity to see him before welcoming him to his new home, at the breeder's for example. Or according to my impression that he gives you at the first contact, you will be able to lean more for a name than for another.

Easier: choose the name according to the gender of your dog. Some dog names are mixed. And why not also according to its color?

Dog names: letters removed from the alphabet 

After the letter T for dog names in 2022, it will logically be the letter U for dogs born in 2023.

Note that some letters have been removed from the alphabet of names for dogs. Indeed, the letters K, Q, W, X and Y, considered too difficult, are not used.


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